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TV - 32GB

TV - 32GB

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A TV experience
you’ve never experienced.

Finding your next movie or programme to watch can be frustrating. Clicking countless buttons on the remote as you navigate cluttered screens. Apple TV changes all that. Bypass those confusing remote buttons with a simple swipe of your thumb. See your entertainment options clearly laid out before you. It’s an experience designed to make you feel like you’re interacting directly with your screen, even though it’s on the other side of the room.


Redesigned InterfaceFeel fully immersed in your screen.
Even from across the room.

Many of the products we make — iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch — are built around the same profound experience: connecting you directly with what’s on your screen. Simple, natural movements of your finger play a big role in that. But how do you create that same immersive experience with a screen that’s hanging on the wall three metres away? The Apple TV interface solves that fundamental challenge by using Touch to re-imagine how you interact with your TV screen.


Apps and games on TV.
This is huge.

Bigger games on bigger screens. With incredible home cinema sound. The App Store on Apple TV redefines your living room, and new games and apps are arriving all the time. Beyond amazing games, there are completely new experiences made specifically for the living room — anything from booking travel accommodations to enjoying family game night directly on your TV. Who knows what developers will create next on such a grand scale.



Play games on the biggest screen in the house. Or sing along to your favourite songs with friends. With so many ways to play, you won’t want to turn it off.


Touch. The most natural way to navigate.

The glass Touch surface on the Apple TV Remote was engineered to provide an experience that feels both fluid and precise. What your finger does on the remote is exactly and immediately what it does on your screen. It’s so natural, in fact, that your eyes don’t even need to look down. You never have to hunt for a button to press or have a light on to see.

A clean design that brings your content to life.

Screens throughout Apple TV have been designed to let the content be the hero. And the use of parallax makes film posters visually come alive while clearly showing you where you are on the screen. You’ll feel like you’re interacting directly with your TV screen, not separated from it.


Quickly bounce between apps.

Double-click the Home button on the remote and you’ll see the apps you’ve used most recently. So you can quickly switch from, say, WWE to MLB, or from an iTunes movie to Yummly, without having to go all the way back to the Home screen.


Customise the Home screen.

Move your most-used apps to the top row of the Home screen for faster access. For example, move up Netflix and when the icon is selected, shortcuts to Netflix content appear above. Just click a title to start watching. You can also group apps together in custom folders as you do on your iOS device. Just drag one app on top of another to create a folder, then give it a name like “Games” or “Sport”.


Stunning cinematic screen savers.

When you’re not actively using Apple TV, it relaxes by displaying aerial HD videos of stunning locations around the world. Shot specifically for Apple TV, these dreamy landscapes drift across your TV, turning your big screen into a mesmerising work of art.


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